A 60 cm diameter SPC prototype made of high purity copper has been set-up at the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane (LSM) by the IRFU and LSM teams. Initially intended to measure neutron energy spectra, the success of this experiment prompted it to be re-dedicated to search for low mass dark matter. Our recently published first results have already established a new world-leading constraint on the WIMP elastic scattering cross section for a WIMP mass of 0.5 GeV.



Our expanded collaboration is now building a 1.4 m diameter detector with improved shielding, lower backgrounds, and a lower predicted energy threshold. This will allow us to greatly improve our sensitivity in the GeV and sub-GeV dark matter mass ranges, in particular through the use of very light nuclei targets like helium and hydrogen from CH4 or other H-rich gases. This new experiment will be located at SNOLAB, the second deepest and the cleanest underground laboratory in the world.